Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 4: Texas

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Texas. The people who live here are supposedly real American people. I'm looking forward to finding some small town bars and restaurants and meeting the people who live here. After all, these are the people who called George W. Bush their own. How do they reconcile their will to believe in America and the Persident, with the evidence of the failure of those institutions so apparent. My guess is that they try not to think to hard about it, but I'm keen to find out.

Alex will be keen to go to a rodeo, or some other kind of southern pageant, and see some belt-buckles the size of dinner plates, and hats the size of... really big hats. I've heard Austin is a really cool place, so I'd like to check that out for a day or two. It's the home of the USA's largest university,, so I'm sure that culturally there will be alot to check out here (including the Alamo Drafthouse - I'm a big AICN fan).

Houston is pretty close to Cape Canaveral, which is conveient, because my mum has a friend there who we can stay with. I'm keen to check out NASA and see if they need any spur of the moment astronauts.

By the time We get through Texas I want to have eaten my fill of BBQ and Mexican food. One thing I've just thought about is that I want to drink local beer wherever possible, to add another layer to the experience. I only think about all of this because I'm expecting the Cajun food in the next chapter to be absolutley phenomenal.

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