Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 3: The Deserted Desert

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As we head through the desert towards the East, I'm really looking forward to finding some very remote places along the way. This trip is supposed to be a holiday too, an unwind after some years of stressful, hard work. We might get some provisions and just spend a day or two in the middle of nothing. Hopefully we will run into some friendlly locals who can tell us the best spots.

Bugs Bunny always took a wrong turn at Albuqurque (that is the last time I mention that joke), so that really is the only reason I have for heading there. Still, that ties in to our idea of just heading towards places I have heard of one way or another. Hopefully this will allow me to discover many places that I haven't yet heard of. If I take a left from there we will next end up in Santa Fe. Now, originally  Santa Fe wasn't on our radar, but I've been told it really is a town worth seeing. Hopefully we won't be disappointed.

Being science fiction fans, we couldn't possibly go to the USA and New Mexico without visiting Roswell. I'm sure it will be tacky and touristy now, though, so I'm hoping to find some "genuine" conspiracy/ufo sights or experiences. Maybe there are some museums or tours that show off this side of the American psyche.

Hopefully we don't miss out on any great experiences in New Mexico as we continue across the USA in 80 Days. Next up, because no other title could encompass its massive representation in the American image: Chapter 4: Texas.

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