Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chapter 2: Casinos & Canyons

View USA in 80 Days: Likely Route in a larger map

The second chapter of our journey will be our first foray into some really unique contryside. The first really unique place that I am looking forward to is Las Vegas.  What posessed some people to put some much neon in one place. Will it look grandiose and be absolutley awe-inspiring, or will it be a sad, tacky momument to greed and excess? I don't intend on losing too much money in the casinos. The trip wouldn't go much further if that happened. What is more interesting is what kind of culture such a manufactured environment spawns. Is anything original possible? From what I hear, finding places to park overnight won't be too hard to find. Many casino's have large parking lots full of RV's. One little van couldn't make too much difference.

From Las Vegas,  we will head North and just touch Utah. It will always be a shame to come close to a state on this trip and not go into it, and even though I've heard all the more unique drives are further North into the state (not to mention the Mormon community in Salt Lake City), perhaps we can still see something going this way. Also there is a town on the way called Mesquite. One of the things that will probably attract me on this trip are towns that I have heard of before. I have eaten "Mesquite BBQ" Chips. Is there anything in this town to warrant that asscoiation? I want to line up the America that I have been shown in the media, with the actual America.

Even though this map shows us going around the Grand Canyon National Park, there is probably a more scenic and challenging route straight through to the Grand Canyon itself. Australia doesn't have anything quite like this, and I hear it is worth it to stay the entire day to watch the light on the rocks at sunrise and sunset. Also I'm hoping our late Autumn arrival will mean that the park is a little less crowded than it supposedly can get in summer.

From the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, a natural and a man-made wonder of America, we will continue on, through the desert in Chapter 3.  Also, don't forget to subscribe to my reddit to join the discussion of my trip.

Soon up, Chapter 3: The Deserted Desert.

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