Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guitar Needed

This our first test of the kindness of strangers. See, I'm a bit of a musician, and one of my great ambitions is to write a song or two on the road. I'll be bringing my recording gear with me, it doesn't take up much space, but the thing I will be missing is a guitar. I've looked around online, and I can't really find much in the way of music stores that sell guitars, even second hand, in my price range (about $50). I would love to have a guitar to use while I'm in the US, so here is where you come in: I would love a guitar when I arrive. Now you wouldn't be giving it to some musical genius (seriously, check out my myspace, I'm no genius), but you would be helping someone in need out. If you have a guitar somewhere gathering dust that would love to go on an adventure, give it to me! Even if it is all beat up and has no strings, I'll take it! Even if it is only 3/4 size, I'll take it! If you want money for it, I'll pay (remember my price range).

My only request is that the neck isn't too fat. See, I'm only learning and my fingers aren't so... stretchy yet. Other than that, so long as it is acoustic and makes sound I'm happy (Of course it could be electric, but you would have to help me out with a battery operated amp too). Ideally you would live in, or could get to Los Angeles or San Francisco, because that is where we are starting out from - but if you are anywhere else and can help, please offer.

In return, I will plug whatever you want me to plug on here, and write a song about you and our meeting and post it on my myspace, Also you will probably find your guitar features heavily in our travels. I would love to get a sticker from every town we visit on the guitar - or get in every photo. Either way, if you can help out it would be very much appreciated.

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