Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Doppleganger

I just realised that I'm we aren't the first people to do "USA in 80 Days".  There's another guy who did it a couple of years ago, and you can find his blog here.  You should check it out, it's a good read.

Now I don't feel bad about using the same name as this guy, because we both idependantly stole it from Jules Verne. Still, it's like I showed up wearing the same thing as something else. Anyways, there are some big differences between what was done before and what we are going to do. That guy, Terence is his name, had a mission to visit the smallest town in each of the 48 contiguous states. That is a really cool idea, but we won't get to anywhere near 48 states. Maybe 20 or 30, but not 48. Our goal is simply to drive from CA to NY and see what comes up. There will be alot of time allowed in our trip for visiting old friends. Our goal also is to not pay for accomodation, and to see what kind of hospitality is offered to us everywhere we go. The other difference between "Across The USA in 80 Days" and "USA in 80 Days" (notice I dropped the across to keep the same rhythm as Verne) is that the former is more of a simple travel blog, whereas we would like to fill our blog with all of our problems and solutions to make a resource for all of those who follow us.

But the biggest thing he had that he had that we won't have is this awesome yellow convertible:

There is no chance our van will be yellow, and no chance it will be a convertible. A magnetic decal on the side though? I'd already thought about that. All day actually - we just started selling magnetic paper at work - so if anyone can help us come up with a name for the van, I'll make that into a decal and stick it on the side. Like I said, check out Terence's blog. but come back here.

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