Friday, July 31, 2009

Chapter 1 - California Dream

View USA in 80 Days: Likely Route in a larger map

As soon as we can get away, we will head towards San Francisco, stopping along the way for supplies. Alex wants to look at locations from the TV show charmed. I'm interested in seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. This website looks like it has some good ideas about things to do in San Francisco.

After a day or two we will head back down to Los Angeles, on the way we hope to stop at Neverland ranch. Could be interesting, if a bit morbid, to look around. Disneyland is an absolute must, I have been before but Alex hasn't. I want to go on the Indiana Jones ride again. Another theme park is definatley a possibility, but I know there are lots of them around. Which are the best?

Of course Hollywood and Beverly Hills are an essential visit. I'm keen to hang out in some Hollywood dive and chat with some locals. This site might be useful for finding more things to do in L.A. for free. Because it will be important not to spend too much too early. Once again, just a day or two of exploring, and it will be time to head East for the first time, off to become a millionaire in Las Vegas/

What else is there to do in Los Angeles, or California that you would consider a must do for any visitor? What best represents what California is about?

Next up, a preview of Chapter 2 - Casinos & Canyons.

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